Welcome to The Two Pears

Welcome to The Two Pears! We’re so happy you’ve found your way over to our corner of the Internet. 

Why did you start this blog?

There were a lot of motivations behind starting this blog, but ultimately it’s because we love food. But more specifically, we love good food. We love wholesome, nutritious, delicious food. We love food that makes us feel alive and gives us energy. We love food that comes from the earth, not from the factories. We eat food that we’re proud to share with the world! 

And we want to share our love of food with you! We promise you delectable recipes, mouthwatering pictures, health advice, and funny anecdotes. We only ask that you keep an open mind while you're here.

Why did you call it The Two Pears?

We decided on the name The Two Pears because we've always done things together. Even though we were born two years apart, we always felt like twins. We dressed in the same outfits, got the same Christmas presents, had the same friends, and pursued the same passions. And we fell in love with food together. It made sense to name our blog in a way that celebrates our friendship and sisterly connection as well as our love of natural food.

What do you eat?

Neither of us like to define ourselves exclusively by what we eat, but broadly speaking, we are both vegetarians. But don't be surprised if you see some fish pop up in our recipes sometime. We don't eat beef, chicken, duck, pork, etc. (although Sondra has been known to break down for an excellent piece of lamb every now and again.) Basically, we eat things that are good for us and we eat a balanced diet. As Dad always says "Everything in moderation." 

So sit tight, we have tons of recipes and pictures coming your way!

Happy reading and happy eating!
Sondra and Julia

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