Who are we?

Welcome to The Two Pears
We're so happy you've found your way over to our corner of the Internet.

There were a lot of motivations behind starting this blog, but ultimately we did it because we love food. But more specifically, 
we love good food.

We love wholesome, nutritious, delicious food. We love food that makes us feel alive and full of energy. We love food that comes from the earth, not from the factories. We eat food that we're proud to share with the world. And we want to share our love of food with you!

About Sondra

Sondra is a rising senior at American University, in Washington, D.C. She's studying Public Communications and Economics and hopes to pursue a career in healthy lifestyle and food PR after graduating. Sondra handles all the words on The Two Pears. She never leaves home without a LaraBar and her kitchen is always overflowing with kale, bananas, and chickpeas. She frequently sets off the smoke alarm when she cooks, much to the surprise and terror of her housemates. Sondra is an oxford comma enthusiast and her favorite foods are chana masala and eggplant rollatini.

About Julia

Julia is a rising sophomore at the University of Delaware. She's studying Finance and Information Systems and hopes to purse a career as a HBIC after graduating. Julia handles the photography and layout design at The Two Pears. A disproportionate portion of her income goes to fund her goat cheese, Greek yogurt and 5 Gum addictions. Julia's love of hot mess chocolate desserts perfectly complements her hot mess personality. Even though she never measures ingredients and frequently burns herself and breaks things, she still loves being in the kitchen.

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